Custom made pavers and exposed aggregate

Paving can add texture, depth and flow to an outside area and provide a low maintenance option. Lots of creativity to be had. Paving can add easy access to multiple areas and link outdoor spaces. From modern, to a custom designed pathway. Get Scaped, New Plymouth can provide you with a range of options for all your landscaping requirements.
600 x 600 concrete pavers - Kaiiwi Beach, Whanganui
Easy flowing steps, recessed pavers, timber risers - Waikanae

Steps create a seamless flow between multiple areas and create a safer walking platform for all ages. You can even incorporate a hand rail if necessesary. Steps can really add a focal point to the overall design. The team at Get Scaped, New Plymouth can offer a range of landscaping materials to choose from. From industrial steel and pavers to patterned tiles and a variety of timber. Steps add character and work alongside plants, furniture and accessories to create the beautiful look you are after.

Pathways and walkways create links between areas and also provide an enjoyable transitional flow through multiple spaces. Pathways and walkways are not only visually appealing but can enhance the livability and functionality of your garden. There are many materials that you can use, including gravel, stones, brick, shell rock, concrete, wood, wood mulch and mortared paths. Get Scaped, New Plymouth has the vision and creativity to provide you with a range of landscape design concepts.
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Block retaining wall, compacted blue stone gap 20 - Peka Peka

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