Garapa Deck - Peka Peka

Decking is a great way to create an outdoor dining or seating space, or to add the landscaping you need around other backyard features. Get Scaped offers a variety of landscaping solutions in the New Plymouth region. Anything from decking materials that suit the uniqueness of your property and your budget. We work with you to create a custom design that not only suits your home but its surrounding landscape. By using our creative vision and adding a little bit of luxury, Get Scaped Landscaping and Design, New Plymouth. Bringing your landscaping dreams to life!
Multi layered deck - Paekakariki
Screening in timber frame - Whanganui

Screens provide privacy, shade and create a sheltered sanctuary to your home and outside area. Perfect for that sunny spot, or simply as an alternative to separating spaces. Screens keep a yard private, conceal poor views, and divide the space in style. You can get really creative with screens using a variety of materials including timber through to harder materials. Screening can be an important element of your garden design to create a sense of a journey through the space. Get Scaped, New Plymouth are always happy to talk you through a wide range of landscaping options.

Fencing defines the edges of your garden and creates a boundary to your property. Whether you are installing new fencing or updating those already in situ. Fencing can transform the overall look of a property, providing privacy and security. Depending on the type of fencing you require, you can use a range of materials. It can really add that finishing touch to your property and provide a stylish backdrop to a beautiful plant scape. Get Scaped, New Plymouth offers a range of landscaping materials that suit your ideal design and budget.
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Fence with sliding gates - New Plymouth

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