by Andrew Cosgrove - Creative Director



A curved deck is interesting and unique and can be used as an ideal way to improve the look and elegance of a home. Not all landscape designs have to include the standard square joins and lines.

Rounded edges can be more appealing than straight or flat edges that make sharp transitions

And curves on decks are especially appealing. Whether because it’s unique enough to be unexpected, or because rounded decks can actually be more functional in many settings, a circular or curved deck is both trendy and timeless.

Why Do Homeowners Like Curved Decks?

There are many reasons why you’d consider a curved or circular deck built on your property, including:

  • A curved deck can provide an excellent viewing area, so it’s a great way to better see the views from your property or even just your attractive landscaping. Because there are no corners or long flat areas, there’s no emphasis on one specific view.
  • A curved deck makes an ideal seating area. Everyone can gather comfortably around a fire pit or barbeque area. Plus, conversation is easier when your guests are all seated in a circle.
  • Curved areas on a deck, like a rounded seating area, can provide private places for you to sunbathe, read or just enjoy the outdoors.
  • A curved deck can provide the perfect place for a hot tub. Some people also install rounded decks around small swimming pools that provide a fun place to cool off in the heat.
  • A properly-built curved deck can add more value to your property than a traditional deck and make the entire outdoor area more eye-catching to buyers if you should ever decide to sell.

Or, of course, a rounded deck may just fit the available space better or contrast nicely with the square lines of your home.

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Curved Circular Deck Landscape Design New Plymouth

Curved Circular Deck Landscape Design New Plymouth