by Andrew Cosgrove - Creative Director


Are you looking for an experienced New Plymouth landscaper, with creative flair, who can turn a small space into a stylish, relaxing and functional space?

Just because you have a smaller plot doesn't mean you can't make it stand out. Maximize the impact of a minimal landscape with these small garden, front yard, and backyard garden ideas.


A wooden pergola gives a small garden landscaping an elevated feel. Pergolas are classic small yard landscaping ideas and great ways to frame a view, but you can do the same with shrubs, small trees, or even pieces of garden art.

Create small backyard zones

Break up open areas of a small space so it feels larger. You can use different furniture groupings and paths to divide a small backyard landscape into attractive and restful seating nooks.

Boost the intrigue

There's no better way to up the visual interest of a landscape than mixing it up with unexpected elements. You can use a mixture of paving materials, lawn, gravel pathways, small decked areas and planter boxes to add enough flair to a small backyard garden that you hardly notice the landscape's size.

Make your small backyard a destination

You can highlight your small garden landscape area with a fire pit. This creates a space where people can congregate. Why not add some welcoming seating to encourage this. Placing a seating spot just next to a paved patio, as well as creating a secondary seating spot near the fence, helps the small backyard feel more spacious.

Raised planting areas

You can give your small backyard a sense of height by raising up plantings, even if only by a foot or two. Try retaining walls or more formal raised beds integrated with other hardscape features, such as stairs. This will help direct the eye up and create a pretty distraction from the lack of square footage. You could even include some raised planter boxes specifically for growing vegetables to make the area more sustainable and functional.

If you have a small outside area where you require inspiration and creative ideas, don't hesitate to give Andrew at Get Scaped, New Plymouth a call.


Small Backyard Landscaping - New Plymouth

Small Backyard Landscaping - New Plymouth